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Vert celebrates 5 years !

December 11, 2016


How often we wonder that we know our skin’s requirement more than any other person. Vert Natural and Handmade beauty brands offers the DIY (DO it yourself products) to treat yourself to affordable and customizable handmade skin care products in the coming new year. The brand ‘Vert‘ recently celebrated its five years of existence in the market and  is set to launch a customizable skincare range on the counter this new year. The event was held in Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon on 5th December and I got to meet the lady behind the line, Co-founder and Director at Vert, Anupama Malhotra. Also, at the birthday bash there was this counter having beautiful glass jars with the contents in it and Anupama Malhotra herself mixed up the beauty potions and packs for us as per our skin concerns.

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