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The Nature’s Co. Orange Bath Salt : Review

May 24, 2017


The Nature’s Co. has been a much loved brand for its skin and body care products and lately I got my hands on this amazing product that I am gonna be talking about today which is their Orange Bath Salt. I have been experimenting a lot these days with my bathing products and so far it has been a nice experience. If you remember I posted a review about my current favourite ‘CIR Body Scrub’ a few days back and I thought why not give bathing salts a go too.. So practically Nature’s Co. Orange bath salt is the first ever Bath salt that I have used and OMG, I love it so much… Honestly I did not know I would get obsessed with body scrubs and salts this easily but I must admit, they are working their charm on me smile

Price : INR 995 ( Use my code ‘PurvaTNC‘ to avail flat 15% off smile )

Quantity : 200g


IMG_0726 (1500x1000)

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The Nature’s Co. SANDALWOOD Body Lotion : Review , Swatch

June 22, 2016

Winters or summers… No matter what time or season of the year it is, one thing that our skin definitely wants is moisturisation, hence a good hydrating cream or lotion is something that I can’t just imagine my life without. Today I am reviewing my latest favorite product in this category and the name is – The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Body lotion. Here is why I love it…

Price : 625 INR

Quantity : 250 ml


IMG_2958 (2000x1333)

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The Nature’s Co. Almond-Oatmeal Massage Oil : Review , Swatch

December 10, 2015

Hey my angels, How are you all doing ? Well as it is getting more and more colder here, I am making sure the change in weather doesn’t take a tole on my skin. That is why you are seeing more of moisturizing products here. Today I am reviewing The Nature’s Co. Almond-oatmeal massage Oil, which will make sure your skin stays hydrated and healthy in the freezing temperature.

Price : 645 INR

Quantity : 100 ml ( 3.4 fl.oz)


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