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Quick Tip : Get no-fuss Beachy Waves

February 20, 2017



Believe it or not, but your hair tells what mood you are in and a change in hairstyle can instantly change one’s appearance. While there are so  many things to try, one thing that I am completely obsessed with is beach waves. And if you love them too but don’t want to damage your hair with heating tools, we have got you covered laugh Here is how you can get them without using any curling rod or straightener.

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Tips to get perfect Sunkissed Look

March 22, 2016

Sunkissed look


Getting suntanned and flaunting that beautiful bronzed skin has become popular in the Western countries. With this trend getting popular, younger generation has started embracing the healthy glow imparted by soaking up under the sun however if the tan has to happen naturally there is no guarantee that it would be even – it may be darker in some areas and pale in others. Makeup can fix it all. You get fake tan products like bronzer for face and body and today I will share a few tips on how to use them right.

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Beauty Home Quick Beauty Tips

Quick Tip : Mask Under Eye Dark Circles

November 18, 2015

mask the dark circles

In today’s world where everything is done online, we just cannot avoid sitting infront of computers and laptops. We want to stay up till late and have to rush to the office early. The strain that our eyes go through because of working on computers or lack of sleep is indefinite. Dark circles is one of the major conerns these days. It can be due to lifestyle or inherited and you cannot just wait for the eye products available in the market to work on them. Here is a simple little trick to correct them if not cure smile
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Quick Tip : How to work with a Darker Foundation

August 12, 2015

how to work with a darker foundation

Key to a flawless makeup is a great foundation and getting it right happens to be the trickiest part. 85% of women end up getting a wrong shade and then the entire thing stays on the shelf forever. Has this ever happened to you? If your answer is YES, then let me share with you a trick with which you can at least use the product efficiently rather than throwing it away in the trash. Today’s post tells you a quick tip on how you can work with a foundation that is darker than your skin tone.

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