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Nykaa Painstix | All Shades – Review , Swatches

March 20, 2017


One thing that any makeup junkie loves to hoard is Lipsticks. One can never have enough of them and so is the case with me. Sometime back I got to attend the launch event of the new Nykaa Painstix and I was more then thrilled to attend it. What added to my exhilaration was the variety of shades this range had to offer. Here are my thoughts on the same smile

Price : INR 425

Quantity : 3.2 g


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Beauty Home Lifestyle VLCC

#VLCCStyleStatements : My VLCC Medavita Hair Spa Experience

March 15, 2017


Who doesn’t like getting pampered? A day at the spa, getting some much-needed me time is the perfect way to pamper yourself! Well I recently got a chance to do just that and experience the Medavita Hair spa by VLCC – all thanks to WorldofMoms, which by far has been the most relaxing experience I have ever had. Medavita, is a luxurious Italian hair care brand which has partnered with VLCC exclusively to offer wide range of hair care services in order to provide the most amazing service for customers. Medavita has 50 years of experience at the service of scalp health and hair beauty while sticking to its brand motto ‘Inspired by nature, tested by science‘. Experiencing such a service at VLCC center was nothing but bliss for me and I’m glad to share this experience


IMG_8651 (1500x1000)

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Beauty Home Lifestyle

Beauty Trend : Pop of Color

March 12, 2017


Hey ! Hey ! Hey ! Hope you all are having an awesome time with you loved ones. While everybody is busy planning how to celebrate holi, I thought I should surprise you with a blog post laugh Today’s post is about my favourite makeup trend which is ‘Pop of Color‘. There are so many trends that come and go with time but there are a few that build a special place in your heart and no matter what you totally get obsessed with it. Same is the case with me. I love bright looks and when it comes to makeup, I love playing with colors on my eyes. I created this simple yet chic look using my Tarte tease palette. While the entire look is almost neutral what turns out to be the star of the show is the turquoise eyeliner. Here is what I used to achieve it and most of the products are from amazon beauty.


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Pregnancy Skincare Tips during Holi !!!

March 11, 2017


A rush of vibrant hues, faces smeared with colourful tints, vivid shades across streets and the joyous screams of ‘Bura Na Mano Holi Hai’. With Holi just around the corner, it’s time this fair of colours enliven our dismal and grey routines and pregnancy should not be a reason to stay in and miss out on this. It’s time to step out and walk in a riot of colours. Follow these simple tips by Dr. Kiran Coelho, the celebrity gynaecologist to have yourself a mazedar Holi.



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Beauty Home Lifestyle

DIY Face Masks For Healthier Skin

March 8, 2017


If you want your skin to be healthy and glowing it becomes imperative that you take care of it and making face masks at home is one of the easiest ways to do it. There is no need to spend money on expensive products that claim to be ‘all-natural’ but strip your skin of all the essential oils that protect it. An advantage of making your face mask yourself is knowing the exact ingredients that go into making it and being sure that it will not cause any side-effects. And before you start, make sure you have a good magazine to keep you company or just login to to be entertained while your mask dries. Here are five recipes you can use to make your own face masks for better skin health.


diy mask for healthy skin (1500x856)

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Beauty Lifestyle Quick Beauty Tips

Quick Tip : Get no-fuss Beachy Waves

February 20, 2017



Believe it or not, but your hair tells what mood you are in and a change in hairstyle can instantly change one’s appearance. While there are so  many things to try, one thing that I am completely obsessed with is beach waves. And if you love them too but don’t want to damage your hair with heating tools, we have got you covered laugh Here is how you can get them without using any curling rod or straightener.

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Beauty Home Juvia's Place

Juvuia’s Place Masquerade Palette : Review , Swatches

February 16, 2017


Juvia’s Place as a brand has lately become extremely popular due to rave reviews in the blogosphere and on social media . Seems like everyone is talking about the super pigmented eyeshadow palettes featuring artwork of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. Being an eyeshadow junkie, I knew I had to get this palette in my kitty ever since I laid my eyes on this one. Juvia’s Place is a black owned beauty brand created by Nigerian born wife and mother, Chichi Eburu, which caters specifically to brown skinned beauties, hence the products are created keeping in mind the makeup needs of dark skin girls. I am extremely excited to be sharing my view on Masquerade Palette today which is a fantastic mix of bolds and neutrals and can be used create a plethora of looks.

Price : $30 for the mini version and $35 for the full size.


IMG_6513 (1400x933)

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NYX Color Correcting Powder – Banana : Review , Swatch

February 2, 2017


First of all , I really wanna apologize for not being very active here but I have a valid reason for my absence and that is, my bestie is getting married and I am so occupied with shopping and all that I hardly find time. Although the wedding is on 11th and I will be still be missing till then, still I thought I should try catching up with all of you through this post. Today I am going to review my very favorite NYX color correcting powder in banana. Is it a dupe of Ben Nye banana powder, well ! Sort  of .. laugh

Price : 10$

Quantity : 6 g


IMG_0889 (1400x933)

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Beauty Lifestyle Lips PAC Cosmetics

PAC Cosmetics Sizzle with sassy, smart & smooth lips – Love Seeker : Review , Swatch

January 27, 2017


After reviewing so many products from PAC Cosmetics, I think it will be right to say that I am obsessed with its products. They are not just good quality but also decently priced which makes them even more likable. Today I am going to review PAC Lip pencil in the shade Love seeker for all of you.. Stay tunned smile

Price : 550 INR

Quantity : 2.49 g


IMG_0817 (1400x933)

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