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SIGMA Nightlife Brush Set by Camila Coehlo – Review

January 16, 2018


Hey Hey Hey !! How have you all been doing. Its been so long since I blogged and I have a valid reason this time.. I got MARRIED πŸ˜› Well ! Its altogether a different feeling and thankfully I am enjoying my married life smile So this was what kept me busy all this time however I tried to stay as active as I possibly could on my social media handles πŸ˜› BTW I am planning to do a few posts on my wedding in coming days so hope that sounds exciting to you. Moving on, today I am going to be talking about my favorite of all brush kits, and it is by Sigma Beauty which is their limited edition Nightlife Brush Set by Camila Coehlo , so lets not waste any more time and get into it smile

Price : $88

Quantity : 5 brushes



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Real Techniques Stippling Brush : Review

January 31, 2015

Holla ladies,
How many of you wear foundation on regular basis? How do you apply your foundation? What is it that makes your foundation look perfect? For me the answer is – the product and the way of application.Β There are a lot of ways to apply foundation – hands, sponge, flat brush, buffing brush and stippling brush but the one that I have always preferred is using the stippling brush. So today I am here with my review on Real Techniques Stippling Brush.

Price :Β $10


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Real Techniques Powder Brush : Review

September 29, 2014

Holla ladies,
Hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent my weekend with my super cute cousin in the city beautiful Chnadigarh and I had a BLAST *yess* And this is the reason why I was not able to post here *blum* I know I give so many excuses. But no matter how much I plan to write a post every other day , something or the other comes up in between and I get so occupied that I don’t get time to write sad Okay lets leave it, I just wanna tell you all that I had an amazing weekend and I shopped a lot laugh Details in the coming post smile For today, I am going to review my favorite makeupΒ brush Β *cool* and it is Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Price :Β $10



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