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Quick Tip : Hide Under Eye Bags

June 15, 2016

Hide under eye bags

Under eye dark circles might just be an easy win when compared to the baggy eye problem, why? because simply putting a color correcting concealer topped with a lighter shade is something that can brighten up your under eye area but may aggravate the appearance of puffiness around the eyes rather then concealing them.. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. Anyway I am here to tell you a work around for this issue, a trick that can cover up the bagginess in a jiffy.
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SUGAR Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner – Black Swan : Review, Swatch

September 20, 2015

If you are a makeup lover just like me, you know how important the eyes are to bring out any type of look and what plays a key role in defining the eyes is an eyeliner. No matter how many I have in my collection, I always crave for more. Today I am going to review SUGAR Eye Told You So Waterproof Eyeliner in the color Black Swan which I received in my July’s FabBag.

Price : 699 INR

Quantity : 1.7 ml


Sugar Eye Told You so Waterproof Eyeliner in Black Swan Review

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Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electrics Eyeliner – Silver Trance : Review , Swatch , FOTD

July 27, 2015

I am a girl who loves everything glittery, sparkly, colorful and eye catching and sometime back Maybelline launched a stunning range of eyeliners called Maybelline Hyper Glossy Electric Eyeliners. It comes in 5 gorgeous colors and I really wanted to get all of them but I ended up getting only one in the shade ‘Silver Trance‘, which I will be reviewing today.

Price : 275 INR

Quantity : 3 g


Maybelline HyperGlossy Liquid Liner 1

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Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner – Black : Review , Swatch

July 1, 2015

Do you see your hands shaking and fingers trembling when you apply the eyeliner? If this is you, try a gel liner. A brush is the most convenient and easy method of applying liner as it gives you better control and grip. There are number of options available for a gel/cream eyeliner in the Indian market but the most reasonably priced is Maybelline so today’s review is about one of my favorite one – Maybelline EyeStudio Lasting Drama Gel Liner ( new 36 hr formula ).This one has replaced the older version and claims to be more intense, longer staying power and smudgeproof. Let us find out if it lives up to the expectations or not smile

Price : 475 INR

Quantity : 2.8g



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And the Winner of the Best Affordable Kajal is …

June 7, 2015

Best affordable kajal-cover


Are you a girl who can’t leave home without putting on kajal? Are you a girl who loves heavily kohled eyes? Are you the one who is being called ‘sick’ when you dont have kajal on? Are you a kajal-obssessed girl like me ? If yes then give me a hi5  *blum* Today I am going to compare 4 of my favorite budget kajals available in India and I am going to pick  my top favorite amongst my favorites . Excited *crazy* ???


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Oriflame The ONE Volume Blast Mascara : Review , Swatch

January 23, 2015

Hey girls,

Today I am going to review Oriflame The ONE Volume Blast Mascara. I have very sparse eye lashes and I just can not live without mascara. I feel it can draw more attention to the eyes by making the lashes stand out and give your eyes a more defined and polished look along with the eyeliner. I have been using this mascara for 2 months now , so I am all set to share my opinion about it.

Price : 529 INR

Quantity : 8 ml




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Quick Tip : Fake awake Eyes

November 22, 2014


Hey all , I am back with another quick tip. There are times when we ignore how we look but there are days when you wanna look good and fresh and charming . We all have stressful, sleepless, tiresome days and our eyes reflect it all. Girls in this case you wanna have those bright beautiful eyes and there is this simple trick that might just work for you *blum*

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Quick Tip : Get curlier Lashes

September 26, 2014

Heya beauties,

How are you all smile I am back with my quick tip post. And this one is for those who love those curled lashes. Read on smile



Many of us don’t have those long beautifully curled eyelashes and if I tell you about myself , my lashes don’t even exist  *dash* So I am a person who devotes a good share of my time on finding out ways to make them look voluminous and long. Mascaras and kohls are a must have in my makeup bag. Apart from that a makeup tool I can’t live without is eyelash curler. So today I will tell you how you can get those flirtier curly lashes.

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