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5 Lesser Known Beaches of Goa !!!

September 26, 2017




Goa is known the world over for its beaches. Travelers from across India and the World head to Goa to luxuriate in the comfort of its beaches. The Goan coastline stretches across 125 kilometres and is dotted with about 54 beaches. Everyone knows about the more popular beaches like Colva, Calangute, Anjua, and so on. It is a well known fact that the beaches in the North are the more popular ones and crowded while the more secluded and exclusive beaches along with the many of the 5 star hotels in Goa are found in the southern part.

As one proceeds, farther away from the centre in both the north and south directions, one comes across more secluded beaches which do not see many footfalls and this adds to their charm.

The next time you are in Goa, do take time to explore these relatively unexplored beaches of Goa. It will surely be a very satisfying experience.


Butterfly Beach

A land that one usually wakes up to in surreal dreams. A beach which is bathed in serenity and is alive with the sparkling colors of myriad butterflies. Semi-circular bay framed by scenic boulders renders the beach a mystical aura which is soothing to the senses. The fact that the beach is lesser known adds to its charm. A boat ride takes you to Butterfly Island which actually is the easier mode. One can also do a more arduous hike through forest terrain to reach the  beach. The Butterfly Beach which is usually referred to as the Butterfly Island is situated in South Goa and is located north of the Palolem Beach.


Kakolem Beach

A narrow and rough path takes you to a local which is guaranteed to leave you with a gasp of wonder. So beautiful is the sight that awaits you as you reach Kakolem beach. The pure sands of the beach and the cliffs that form the background ensure to create an atmosphere of serenity that stretches out very near to the realms of imagination. A little spring with its silvery waters cascading down adds to the magic of Kakolem beach.


Bogmalo Beach

A short 15-minute drive from the airport takes you to a small, sleepy looking south Goa fishing village called Bogmalo. Here a natural bay ensures a curved beach which is a pleasure to behold and walk on. The beach is serene and an early morning walk on the beach is an interesting affair as you are likely to have the place to yourself, bar some early morning joggers. Evening and especially weekends see some crowds out to enjoy the sea breeze. Children play football on the sandy beach while adults indulge in gossip.


Velsao Beach

A beach that takes you away from the ubiquitous crowds of Goa is Velsao beach. It’s seclusion is its main draw as one can peacefully ruminate looking at the waves without being disturbed by annoying hawkers hell bent on selling their wares. The Velsao beach is also know for its abundance of sea shell and star fish. The beach and the roads leading to it are lined with graceful coconut trees that are a visual treat. Velsao beach is located in South Goa near Cortalim.


Galgibaga Beach

Galgibaga Beach lays claim to the title of being the cleanest beach in Goa. The beach lies about 18 kilometers from Canacona. The northern side of the beach is the site for the seasonal nesting and hatching of the Olive Ridley Turtles which is an endangered species. Thus the beach is also known as Turtle Beach and is one of three beaches in Goa where the State Government runs a programme for the protection of the Olive Ridley Turtles.

These beaches are sure to give wings to your dreams and propel you to visit Goa again and again.


While you plan you next vacation, I better get going and get some good sleep. See you around smile





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  • Reply Ms Meehnia September 27, 2017 at 9:44 am

    Woahhh..these are the lesser known ones 😁😁 Would definitely want to visit ❤️❤️


  • Reply Mariyam September 29, 2017 at 5:47 am

    Would love to visit these beaches. Since they are lesser known there won’t be any crowd there laugh

  • Reply Sohail October 3, 2017 at 3:43 pm

    Galgibaga Beach is my favorite among the featured beaches in goa..

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