Quick Tip : Fix your wrinkled clothes !

June 26, 2017


girl in wrinkly shirt


Today’s post is going to be a fashion tip and why not, after all we all need some quick hacks to fix our styling problems right ? So, I am a kind of person who wants my clothes to be perfectly ironed and crease-less. Now, has it ever happened to you that you ironed your clothes a night before and you see wrinkles here and there the very next morning while you are getting ready and you are running late? What do we do when we are in a situation like this? Well, let me tell you what to do about it smile





So when you are rushing out the door and you don’t have time to iron the silly corners of your shirt like the crooked collar or pocket, take out your straightening iron and run it over the messed up side for some time and there you go ! You have a crease-less collar to flaunt laugh But do make sure, yo don’t have any hair styling product left on the iron, before you use it over the clothes smile

Hope this helps smile

Love *kiss* 


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  • Reply Mariyam June 26, 2017 at 5:48 pm

    that’s a handy tip for emergencies!

  • Reply AlifyaLifestyle June 26, 2017 at 9:06 pm

    I would scared to use this in the fear of burning my clothes lol But really handy for on the go!

  • Reply denisesplanet June 27, 2017 at 9:46 am

    That’s a very very very good tip! I will certainly use it, when I am in a hurry! Hope you have a nice week!

  • Reply Anubhuti July 13, 2017 at 3:53 am

    Great tip…

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