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Choosing the Right Sneakers For You !

May 31, 2017


From their origin as sports and athletic shoes, sneakers have now become a part of everyday life for most people. They are acceptable as party wear, casual wear, college wear and even office wear when there is no dress code. The variety of choices in sneakers for men is immense, with leading brands such as Adidas launching new styles on a regular basis. If you play sports or are an exercise fanatic, there is sure to be a pair for you โ€“ basketball, soccer, tennis, cricket, walking, and running are just some of the categories that sneakers fall into.


Choosing the Right Sneakers For You


Adidas Neo men’s footwear available on abof is a stylish range featuring various styles and colours. The materials used to craft these shoes ensure that they are lightweight and comfortable to wear. A favourite with celebrities and sportspersons, these sneakers come in different sizes.


How to Buy Comfortable Sneakers

The key to buying comfortable sneakers is choosing the right fit and style for your feet. Donโ€™t buy shoes that are too snug thinking they will expand with use. If you have flat feet or any other special requirements keep that in mind when shopping for the latest sneakers. Another aspect to consider is the purpose for which you are buying the shoe. For instance, walking shoes are stiffer than running shoes. So, think about this before making your purchase. Low top, high top, slip on, basic, retro, and active are just some of the styles you are likely to come across.


Style Tips on Wearing Sneakers

The most ordinary pair of footwear can stand out as a remarkable pair when teamed with the right outfit. See to it that the sneakers you buy are in sync with your wardrobe. There is no point buying a pair if you will not be able to pair them with anything in you already own. Also, keep them clean and neat at all times. The advantage of luxury sneakers such as those from brands like Adidas is that they can just as easily be paired with chinos as with denims. If you have bright coloured sneakers, spring is a great time to show them off. Go for the rapper look by throwing on loose t-shirts over tapered pants and funky sneakers.


Sneaker Maintenance

Be sure to brush the outsoles of your sneakers frequently and keep at least two different types of brushes handy for this. Soft brushes work well with mesh designs on sneakers, while a stiffer brush can be helpful in cleaning the soles. Every now and then, take out the insoles and leave then to dry. Use a fragrant deodorizing spray before you place them back. The back of the sole is one area that gets dirty very quickly, and you could pay more attention to this when cleaning. Just remember to be gentle while handling your premium sneakers and take care while storing them away too. This will help your sneakers have a long life with minimal wear and tear.


Adidas sneakers


What shoe type do you like? Let me know in the comments if you have any tips for all of us to follow smile



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