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My Top 5 Tips while you are shopping Out !!

May 18, 2017


Who doesn’t like to shop? We shop things that we need and things that we absolutely don’t need 😛 When it comes to apparels a shopaholic like me can go completely crazy as I literally throw my money at each and every store not realizing that impulsive purchases like these can burn a hole in my wallet. Recently I have been following these 5 tips which has helped me being more mindful with my money and understanding the kind of shopping that makes sense.


Shopping tips


Make a list

This undoubtedly is my top tip for any shopper out there until unless you are a crazy shopaholic and have lots of money to spend. It is always good to write down what you wanna shop and also saves a lot of time while you are in the market. Carefully jot down the things you want to buy after reviewing all that you already have in the closet. This not only helps avoiding overspending but also ensures that you don’t miss out on something important while you are on the shopping trip.


Decide a budget

So many people over spend just because they din’t have any set parameters to define their limit to splurge. Setting a pre defined budget enable you to decide how much you can comfortable spend in one round of shopping and plan rest of the things. Make sure you don’t buy more than you can afford. Set your budget and stick to it! Whatever your budget is– 1000 INR or 50,000 INR –  stop shopping once you hit that limit. I have noticed that when you know you’re the amount you want to spend, many options get filtered out hence making it easy to decide.


Choose your shopping buddies wisely

Shopping with friends can be fun but can create confusion too, remember as many people as many opinions. Also there is a possibility that what you buy is a combined decision of all your shopping pals and later on you just regret spending money on something you wouldn’t have otherwise. Remember, not your friends, but you have to live with the consequences of what you shop so act wise and be selective with people who you decide to shop with. And if not that shop alone, and while you are out in a group, prefer only to window shop, eat and have fun…but no shopping!


Set a time limit

Your time is valuable so spend it sensibly. There is no point in wandering around the stores aimlessly when you have already shopped what you need except when your only goal is to kill time. It is good to set a timeframe for shopping while you are already carrying a list of items you wanna shop and once you are done with that, head back home and devote your time to something else more meaningful. By this, I am not saying make strategies when you are shopping out but a little planning and a small deadline can make you a smart shopper and get your job done is a less tiring manner.


Try before you buy

Sometimes a piece might look extraordinary hanging on the counter but may not look as good on your body frame and sometimes it can be vice versa.. so it is always advisable that you try it on before you buy. Also, don’t stick to just one style… Experiment !! Check out skirts, midis, crop tops, culottes, skinny jeans and all sorts of silhouettes to understand what trends and styles go well on your structure. But for this to work, you need to try everything and see what looks best on you.




While these are a few tips I always stick to when I am shopping out, I also drift towards using discount coupons when I am shopping online, the main reason for which is that you get to know all deals in one place. is one such website which not only helps you save you time and money but also lets you get your purchases without any delivery charges. It provides you the access to coupons and discount codes for multiple national and worldwide stores while keeping you updated with the most recent sales. If you are an avid online shopper like myself then I am sure you are going to love using alerabat  smile

That is all for today’s post. If you have any shopping tip for me or our readers then do share it in the comments  smile

Cheers kiss


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    Hi sweetie,
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    nice and super helpful tips!

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    These are really helpful.

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    nice tips puru :*

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    nice tips babe smile We make quite good shopping companions laugh

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