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CIR Body Scrub – Tropical Flirt : Review

April 17, 2017


Hey Girls! Hope you all had a lovely start to the week. Today’s post is going to be about this scrub from Curve It Right (CIR) that I am currently obsessed with. I don’t often talk about brands in my reviews but since CIR strongly pursues a vision of bringing about an evident and positive change in the lives of women, it makes me wanna talk more about it here. In this competitive era, the world’s perception towards women has made them over cautious about the way they look and that has also lead to an epidemic of fear of nonacceptance in society. Curve It Right feeds the belief of having holistic development of the body, mind and spirit and that is always achieved from within. It aims to give them a proper direction and a medium to gain that much needed confidence to face the world and achieve the unachievable. They have launched two products in their line till now ; a) Waist Trainer , b) Coffee scrubs , that are claimed to infuse ‘The Feel Good Factor’ which is the sole driving force for the company. Nonetheless, the ideology behind the line was enough for me to get my hands on what they had to offer and here I am sharing my thoughts on their body scrubs smile

Price : INR 1200

Quantity : 200g


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CIR claims

Whether your day begins at the crack of dawn or at the dawn of dusk, it doesn’t matter! Because it’s always a good time to step in the shower with our uber indulgent coffee scrub. Made from the finest Arabica green beans, this scrub will care for your skin and pamper it like no other – no questions asked, no demands made.

As it turns out, our coffee scrub is meant to be more than a fleeting affair. It will make you fall in love as it exfoliates, energises, de-tans, and hydrates your skin. All you have to do is step in the bath, dampen your skin, and apply the scrub. Don’t worry, the packaging is waterproof!


How to use

  • If you want to tackle cellulite and stretch marks, make sure you use the scrub 4-5 times a week. Continued usage will produce results, do not expect miracles. Once you begin to see the change, you can cut down your usage to about 2-3 times a week.
  • For those who are looking to simply exfoliate, 3 times a week is just perfect!
  • This scrub is extremely safe to use on sensitive skin.


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Talking about the scrub, it comes in two different variants – Tropical Flirt and Dark Reverie. Although dark reverie is their best selling flavor, I wanted to try Tropical flirt as it is a mix of coconut+coffee which is my personal favorite. You get whooping 200g amount of product in one pack which for me lasted for more then 2 months when used thrice a week in continuity. One thing to applaud here is the packaging as it is a zip lock pouch which is waterproof by which  I mean that you can keep it on your shelves without the fear of the product getting contaminated … How thoughtful !! It also has  the complete ingredient list mentioned on the cover so you are sure of whats going onto your skin.

Ahh I can talk all good things about this scrub. I am in loveeeeeeeeee and when I say that I really mean it. This scrub is a perfect thing to have in the morning shower. While the granules are perfect size to scrape away the dead flaky skin sitting on the top of the body, the smell of it takes you to a completely different world. 2 table spoon is all you need to give your entire body a good rub. I love the vanilla-coffee scent it dissipates and you are  bound to get a feel of having a luxurious spa with this one at the comfort of home. I can not comment about its effectiveness on stretch marks as it has only been 2 months and it usually takes time for them to fade away completely but I am glad CIR doesn’t make tall claims about it either. The ingredient list of this scrub says it is composed of Coconut and Vitamin E oil which is evident from the fact that it not only leaves your skin soft and supple but also optimally nourished. Although it is meant to be used on the body, I could not  resist trying it on my face too and I must say it gets a little harsh for the gentle skin there but if used with a gentle hand, it works just right. I wont deny but I use it once a week on my face too however you can completely skip it if you would like.

Overall, this is a must have thing for me and I would totally recommend it to all of you who enjoy using body scrubs or to those who are on a lookout for some new and good bathing products. Body positivity is all about how confident you are in your own skin and the products like the CIR Coffee Scrubs give that zest and zeal to start every morning with a feeling of not just experiencing good but the ‘BEST’.

Buy here.



5+++++ It is so damn goood !!!!


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If you have a body scrub that you feel is worth trying, make sure you list it in the comments section for me to try. See you soon smile



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  • Reply Himanshi Sharma April 20, 2017 at 10:36 am

    I am using the same scrub and its amazing laugh

  • Reply Mariyam April 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    Packaging of this scrub looks cute <3

  • Reply Beautifully Me May 16, 2017 at 5:11 pm

    Sounds amazing!

  • Reply Anubhuti June 1, 2017 at 1:53 am

    would love top get my hands on it smile loved the pictures…

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