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#VLCCStyleStatements : My VLCC Medavita Hair Spa Experience

March 15, 2017


Who doesn’t like getting pampered? A day at the spa, getting some much-needed me time is the perfect way to pamper yourself! Well I recently got a chance to do just that and experience the Medavita Hair spa by VLCC – all thanks to WorldofMoms, which by far has been the most relaxing experience I have ever had. Medavita, is a luxurious Italian hair care brand which has partnered with VLCC exclusively to offer wide range of hair care services in order to provide the most amazing service for customers. Medavita has 50 years of experience at the service of scalp health and hair beauty while sticking to its brand motto ‘Inspired by nature, tested by science‘. Experiencing such a service at VLCC center was nothing but bliss for me and I’m glad to share this experience


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I got an appointment booked at VLCC center on Golf Course Road, Gurgaon. The staff welcomed me courteously and explained the background and benefits of the hair treatment services offered by Medavita. This line supposedly has done an extensive research for all the services and the products offered which possibly is the reason why they ensure quality. The products used in all treatments are obtained from globally rich natural sources which have effective results – which means they are SLS & Paraben free and doesn’t comprise of harmful chemicals. VLCC offers five scalp treatment range of Medavita for different hair problems ranging from Hair fall to Dandruff. The interesting fact here is that they have separate hair products for men and women for the same service as the brand feels that the hair needs are different for both gender.

  • Lotion Concentrtree – Anti Hair fall for Women ( 2500 INR per session )
  • Lotion Concentree Homme – Anti Hair fall for Men ( 2250 INR per session )
  • Requilibre – Sebum Balance ( 2250 INR per session )
  • Velour – Sensitive and itchy scalp ( 2100 INR per session )
  • Puroxine – Dandruff ( 2100 INR per session )

I went for the Lotion Concentree treatment which is an anti hair fall scalp treatment for women done with the products that are a blend of extracts from 10 plants of great vitality and power. It is recommended for thinning hair problems as it stimulates new growth by increasing the hair’s lifespan. The process starts with scalp cleansing which is done with a lotion called ‘Cutis Pura‘ that is applied all over the hair by dividing it into cross sections and leaving the product on for 15 minutes. Its gentle exfoliation removes the deposits of flaking cells, preparing the scalp and facilitating activation of ingredients contained in further treatments. Further the hair is shampooed and conditioned with Medavita anti-hair loss shampoo and hydrating conditioner after which a water based serum is applied at multiples points and massaged for over 15 minutes so that it gets absorbed into the scalp. The product contains active ingredients like rosemerry, cinnamon, ginger, camphor, aloe etc which improves the circulation an soothes itching. The massage given at VLCC by Shashi ( who did the hair spa for me) was so relaxing and the product felt so cool in the scalp that it took me into another world. This hair spa was really different than regular hair spas and felt amazing to the senses.


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I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the service at VLCC and the Medavita hair spa is something you should definitely try. To see a visible difference 10-16 sessions are recommended, having 4-6 sessions twice a week followed by once a week. With the tiring lifestyle we have these days, you really need some time out to treat yourself with such calming and soothing services so give it a go girl smile


See you in my next post.. Till then take care smile



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  • Reply Mariyam March 16, 2017 at 1:13 pm

    Looks like the session was pampering! I’m tempted for a hair massage now 😛

  • Reply Lux G. March 17, 2017 at 6:07 am

    That’s a very nice salon. Lovely service. Thanks for sharing an honest review.

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