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Rock it with Floral Print Pants

April 30, 2014


I love floral print pants and that is why this post laugh

After colored pants took fashion by storm, floral print pants became all the rage. The concept of florals for spring has slowly morphed into an ongoing love affair, being less of a seasonal trend now. The craze for floral pants has been around for a while now and it certainly doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You can spot the most fashionable women sporting floral pants on the TV and on the streets of your city. But these pants are little tricky to accessorize and pair tops with, since it is easy to go overboard with your look. Don’t worry…you can do it! 😉

Here are the three ways I would like to style this fun staple.




Pair a dressy floral pant with a cool loose fit casual T-shirt and a pair of sneakers. Accessorize with a long neck chain, rings and stacked bracelets. Want to add some more fun? Try picking a bold bag that is in the same color family as your floral print pants. This style is my personal favorite as it’s a refreshingly unexpected combo that just works 😉




So…You love the floral pants but not sure how to make them look work appropriate? Here is what you can do about it. Pair your floral pants with a neutral blouse or top to balance out the boldness from the pants. Pull the look together with a leather bag in neutral color, a pair of heels and a basic blazer over the top. A statement necklace and a wrist watch is all that you would need if you wish to further accessorize your outfit… And you are set to leave for work laugh




And if you’re not adventurous in your fashion decisions ,Don’t be afraid ! We will keep it simple smile Wear your pants with a colored top that compliments them. Tuck the blouse in, or leave it loose—whatever suits your style. Pick a pair of shoes that you find most comfortable and hang a side bag and put on some bracelets.Sweet and sober..isn’t it?

For makeup, all you need is a neutral lip and a dab of blush .YES !!! That is it for makeup :-p

And always remember, you should feel comfortable and confident in whatever you wear because that is what completes the look smile

Below are some links where you can check out floral pants if you would like to:





Do let me know what style you like the most and have fun experimenting 😉

Cheers laugh

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