SUGAR Stroke of Genius Heavy Duty Kohl – 01 Back to Black : Review , Swatch, EOTD

27 Jul

Wassup girliess.. Hope ya’ll are doing good. I am thrilled to be doing another review for my most loved brand ‘Sugar Cosmetics’. There is something about their products that manages to get me excited every time I try something new from them and today is no exception. So we are going to talk about SUGAR Stroke of Genius Heavy Duty Kohl and why I love it so much.

Price : 499 INR

Quantity : 1.2 g


SUGAR Stroke of Genius Heavy Duty Kohl - 01 Back to Black


Quick Tip : How to avoid Lipstick from getting onto your Teeth

24 Jul

Quick Tip : How to avoid Lipstick from getting onto your Teeth

You apply a bold Red lipstick, feel sexy and as you smile you realize that somehow it migrated off your lips onto your teeth.. How embarrassing is that? All confidence gone down in a moment.. Well ! Here is a little trick that can keep you away from being into such awkward situations smile



OOTD : Sassy !!

21 Jul



“Conformity is the only real fashion crime. To not dress like yourself and to sublimate your spirit to some kind of group identity is succumbing to fashion fascism.” — Simon Doonan


Everybody has a different definition of fashion and everybody has his/her own way to style different pieces, what matters is you must feel comfortable and most importantly ‘Yourself’ in it. Your confidence and belief in yourself  is  what defines you. So follow your heart, dress like a princess and walk down like you rule the world. Presenting yet another outfit which is so Meeeeeeeee…  cool Here I am wearing my super comfy pair of jeans by Only and the halter top by Jabong. I love the print on the top and the fact that it has a zip at the front makes it all more adorable. The fabric gives a very slim appearance to the waist ( yeah what you see here is slim :P because I have gained 7 kg :P ) and Gosh it looks so elegant at the same time smile I wore my new lace up block heels that has a mesh at the sides and zip at the back so you do not really have to tie the laces every time. These are so comfortable guys believe me I kept them on from 9 in the morning till 12 and still my feet didn’t hurt nor did I get any shoe bite. Well after seeing the pictures I realized I did not accessorize this outfit at all except the watch that I am wearing which is by Guess. Hope you like the pictures smile


Marico’s Hair and Care Non Sticky Hair Oil , Free Stylist Hair Cut : Review

18 Jul

We all have heard our mum telling us over and over again to oil our hair in order to keep them healthy and shiny when we were young, but little did we know how important it really is. It was when I entered college, I realized that styling and lack of care has damaged my hair to an extent where getting the real texture of my hair seemed next to impossible. I started being extra cautious and made sure I oiled my hair atleast twice a week. Since then I have tried out a couple of hair oils and today I am going to talk about Marico’s Hair & Care Non sticky Hair oil which has a super exciting offer going on with it ( I am sure you must have seen Shradha Kapoor’s advertisement for the same  laugh ). So the deal here is , purchase a 300 ml pack of Marico’s Hair & Care Non sticky hair oil and get a stylist hair cut worth INR 500 absolutely free. Here is a little about my personal experience on this entire thing.

Price : 135 INR 

Quantity : 300 ml


Marico's Hair & Care Non Sticky Hair Oil and Free Stylist Hair Cut Review


Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash : Review , Swatch

13 Jul

Cleansing is an important part of everybody’s skincare routine and it is really important to make a right choice of the product that you are going to use on the face. In a situation like this, the safest option is to go organic. Medimix, a brand strongly rooted in ayurveda, is all set to expand its range and while it does that, I am here to share my experience on Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash which is a unique blend of turmeric, aloe vera and neem that claims to gently cleanse and rejuvenate skin smile

Price : 60 INR / 100 INR

Quantity : 50 ml / 100 ml


Medimix Ayurvedic Face Wash


Buying a Rolex : New or Vintage?

10 Jul

I’m sure I’m treading into risky terrains here by bringing up the question, but hey, somebody’s got to ask it! Before proponents of both ends of the debate bite my head off, let me wave the white flag –I come in truce. I’ve only recently come to appreciate and love the art of Rolex watch-making, and I can safely say that I haven’t yet been corrupted by biases and prejudices (which runs rampant among veteran aficionados, all thanks to ideals of loyalty; which in my opinion are the collateral damage of rigidity). So yes, here I am, declaring an unbiased love for luxury Rolex watches, both old and new.


Buying Rolex Watch


OOTD : Sweet and Simple

8 Jul

sweet and simple outfit


“You can have anything you want if you dress for it.” –Edith Head


Sweet and simple is what my style is and I have always mentioned this in my outfit posts. So this time again, I bring here is a very casual look that I created with this very cute frill dress and sandals from Myntra. It is so summery as the fabric is very airy and comfortable. This look is obviously effortless because all I have done to accessorize is carry a sling bag which is by Holi. You can wear an outfit like this when you are going out for shopping with friends, movie or a coffee date.

Some more pictures now smile


Quick Tip : Fix Stained Nails

5 Jul

Fix stained nails

While dark nail paints look exceptionally striking but with continuous usage they may make your nails looking pale and ugly. No matter how good or pricey brand you use, there is always a chance that they leave unsightly yellow stain on them. Wondering what can be done about it? Here is a little tip for you smile

PAC Liquid Liners : Review , Swatches

2 Jul

I know I am posting quite a lot about liners and kohls these days but boyyyyyy eye makeup is so my thing.. I love doing my eyes because I believe it changes the way you look in an instance. Remember I did a PAC first impressions post a few days back? I thought I would review these eyeliners I got from the brand because I am sure there are many of you who would wanna know how they really perform.. So lets get right into it smile


IMG_0804 (2000x1333)


SUGAR Twist And Shout Fadeproof Kajal – 02 Still Got The Blues : Review , Swatch, FOTD

28 Jun

Who doesn’t love defined eyes? Kajal is something that I can’t avoid putting on when I am stepping out of the house. It has become a necessity for me. I love heavily kohled eyes and you will find a bunch of them in my vanity. Recently, I got my hands on Sugar cosmetics Twist and Shout Fadeproof Kajal in the shade ’02 Still Got the Blue’ which is a stunning cobalt blue kohl that can be used both on the lids as well as on the waterline. You gotta read on to know more smile

Price : 399 INR

Quantity : 0.35 g


IMG_3095 (1280x960)


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