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Neesh Perfumes : Review

January 12, 2017


Perfumes have always been my weakness! It may seem otherwise here as I do not talk a lot about what fragrances I use or prefer but in reality , I can’t even step out of my house without putting some on. Today I am reviewing Neesh perfumes and I believe this would be my first ever perfume review on the blog which is kind of strange but yeah ,, better late then never  laugh

Price : 340 INR

Quantity : 20 ml



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What I wore at my Best friend’s Engagement !

January 8, 2017




“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” — Edith Head


 So it was my best friend’s engagement ceremony and I was clueless of what to wear. I wanted something that was not overly flashy yet wanted something that  stood out. Another thing I had to keep in mind was the budget because there are days when you have absolutely no cash in your bag ( Thanks to Narender Modi for demonetization  blum  ). The only place which strikes me when I am in such a dilemma is ‘Lajpat Nagar‘. I decided to keep my entire outfit under 5000 INR and well I managed to do a decent job. I got this black crop top & full length skirt from a shop in Lajpat for under 2000 INR. I went for black top as it was something I could wear later on as well and the pink skirt added color to this ensemble. I knew I had to accessorize this one heavily as it would have looked very casual otherwise, so my favorite neck-piece from came to my rescue… Can’t tell you how much I love wearing this one smile I added one more necklace around my waist and to me it looked most perfect thing to do. My heels again are from my favorite shop in Lajpat called ‘Kins‘. The transparent block heels are to die for. I went for studs in antique silver look and also a hand cuff in same color to complete the look . Sometimes, you really don’t have to spend a lot to look good . If you are in Delhi, you must must must checkout Lajpat Nagar market, it is my favorite shopping destination smile

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Maybelline ClearGlow All in One Shine Free Cake Powder – Nude Beige : Review , Swatch

January 3, 2017


A very Happy and prosperous New Year to all of you ! I have been neglecting my blog quite a lot lately but I hope in this new year, I stay regular and keep working harder to provide as much quality content as possible, nonetheless , I will always be thankful for your overwhelming support and love. Moving on to today’s post, off-late Maybelline has been coming up with many new launches but seems like I am still hooked to the oldies. Since I have oily skin, one thing I always need to keep my skin looking fresh and oil free is a compact powder. Today I am reviewing Maybelline ClearGlow All in One Shine Free Cake Powder which is something I keep going back to every now and then.

Price : 225 INR

Quantity : 9g



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Urban Clap Salon Service Review

December 28, 2016


Getting up at 7 in the morning, finishing the daily morning chores, rushing to the office, slogging at the work place, extending the working hours, getting back dead tired and falling asleep while texting friends- If you are working in IT sector, you can probably relate to the stated cycle of my routine activities. It gets quite overwhelming at times and there comes a point when you realize that you have totally forgotten yourself in the process. Though all of us are pretty aware of the fact that there is no escape to the lifestyle we are getting used to, we must accept that we need some pampering sessions in order to rejuvenate our body and mind.



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5 clothing tips this winter

December 20, 2016


It’s that time of the year when the temperatures drops down with a slight chill in the air. It’s thus time, to pull out those colorful woollies and leather jackets that have been stacked up inside the cupboard and ignored for a long time. We will tell you a few ways to keep warm and still be stylish this season. Winters can provide you a chance to be at your creative best, experiment and come up with unique fashion ideas. Experiment with cuts and layers mix-n-match, etc, etc. Winter fashions can be absolutely crazy fun. Here’s a few tips to stay warm and yet look awesome this winter!


Bold colors

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Vert celebrates 5 years !

December 11, 2016


How often we wonder that we know our skin’s requirement more than any other person. Vert Natural and Handmade beauty brands offers the DIY (DO it yourself products) to treat yourself to affordable and customizable handmade skin care products in the coming new year. The brand ‘Vert‘ recently celebrated its five years of existence in the market and  is set to launch a customizable skincare range on the counter this new year. The event was held in Hyatt Regency, Gurgaon on 5th December and I got to meet the lady behind the line, Co-founder and Director at Vert, Anupama Malhotra. Also, at the birthday bash there was this counter having beautiful glass jars with the contents in it and Anupama Malhotra herself mixed up the beauty potions and packs for us as per our skin concerns.

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VLCC celebrates 15 years of Anti-Obesity day with ‘Standup India’ campaign to battle obesity

December 1, 2016


Leading wellness and beauty brand VLCC Health Care Ltd celebrated 15 years of its Anti-Obesity day with the ‘Standup India’ campaign – a public awareness initiative that encourages people to be more active in their daily lives through the simple act of standing up.



VLCC’s month-long drive through November 2016 focused on promoting healthy lifestyle habits. The Standup India campaign initiatives included health camps, mass counselling sessions and talk-shows with health experts.

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Maybelline Fit me Matte+Poreless Foundation – Sun Beige 310 : Review , Swatches

November 27, 2016


Makeup can only be perfect when the base is perfect and a great foundation is a very important to achieve a flawless makeup look. Today, I am going to review Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation which has been around from quite a while. Honestly I feel like I am reviewing a foundation in ages. This one is my current favorite and I am already on my third bottle so it says quite a lot about how I feel about it laugh Keep reading to know why I love it so much smile

Price : 525 INR



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Swacthes | PAC Pure Pigmented Eyeshadows – All 42 shades

November 19, 2016


Swacthes of PAC Pure Pigmented Eyeshadows - All 42 shades


As you all are aware, PAC Cosmetics launched there whole new range of shimmery eyeshadows sometime back and received great amount of love from its customers and offcourse makeup junkies like myself. These shadows are crazy pigmented and blend like a dream. They have foiled texture and work well both with brushes or fingers. If you missed out on my review post then check it out here. Since, I did not post the swatch pictures but a video for the swatches, a lot of you wanted an individual swatch story so here it is.

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