OOTD : Vintage Glam !

25 Jun

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“When you don’t dress like everybody else, you don’t have to think like everybody else.” –Iris Apfel


Retro style has something so enchanting that it makes me fall for it more and more everyday. It belongs to an era where almost everything looked trendy yet classy. Today’s outfit speaks volumes about how smitten I am with anything that looks vintage. For some it may look like a costume but for me it is really something I feel good in. I have tried to keep my outfit as simple as possible yet tried to make it look not-so-boring type. The skirt here is by Jabong and is a total favorite. Its such a versatile piece that you can pair it with almost anything ie. a shirt, a tank top, or a high neck which is what I have worn here. And how can I forget, this skirt has pockets too , so its convenient to carry some cash and phone. Since the outfit was pretty much lacking colors, I decided to wear red heels and to accessorize all I needed was this stunning multi-layered necklace by Romoch and a cute little sling bag. I did a messy side bun to add some glam to the entire ensemble smile


The Nature’s Co. SANDALWOOD Body Lotion : Review , Swatch

22 Jun

Winters or summers… No matter what time or season of the year it is, one thing that our skin definitely wants is moisturisation, hence a good hydrating cream or lotion is something that I can’t just imagine my life without. Today I am reviewing my latest favorite product in this category and the name is – The Nature’s Co. Sandalwood Body lotion. Here is why I love it…

Price : 625 INR

Quantity : 250 ml


IMG_2958 (2000x1333)


Vivel Cell Renew Fortify and Repair Night Creme : Review , Swatch

19 Jun

Sometimes I just wonder how fast we grow. It feels like I just passed out of college sometime back and look at me now.. I have been working for over 5 years and I don’t even realize it. Well that’s how life is and we should accept each phase of it gracefully. As we grow old, our body and skin demands more care and I felt that I needed to try my hands on something that replenishes my skin thereby maintaining its natural glow and elasticity. Today I will be reviewing Vivel Cell Renew Fortify+Repair Night creme that claims to boost ceramide synthesis at night and repair the photodamage caused during the day on the skin.

Price : 649 INR

Quantity : 50g


Vivel Cell Renew Night Creme Review


Quick Tip : Hide Under Eye Bags

15 Jun

Hide under eye bags

Under eye dark circles might just be an easy win when compared to the baggy eye problem, why? because simply putting a color correcting concealer topped with a lighter shade is something that can brighten up your under eye area but may aggravate the appearance of puffiness around the eyes rather then concealing them.. Don’t believe me? Try it and see. Anyway I am here to tell you a work around for this issue, a trick that can cover up the bagginess in a jiffy.

OOTD : Summer Blossoms

11 Jun

OOTD : Spring Blossom


”What you wear is such an expression of who you are. That’s like someone picking out who I’m going to date!” — Diane Kruger


When the sun rises early in the morning and sets down late, we know that summers have arrived. I can get up early without being sluggish and have more time to dress up and put on my makeup, bright colors to wear and shine along with the sun. Despite all this, the season can be quite exasperating at times and you need to find out ways to cope up with it. I like to experiment with what is already there in my wardrobe and a thing that I always end up picking is cotton pants or call it a simple pajama that you may find in almost any and every street shop. My love for floral pieces is no news but it just multiplies exponentially when something as casual as this pant can rock the entire look. It has stunning flares at both sides which enhances the curves of the body. The top here is from ZARA basic and the shirt is from SN market. This is how I like to dress up when I wanna look stylish being as comfortable as possible smile A little bit of makeup and you can make any outfit look a little more glam smile


PAC Cosmetics Beauty Blender and Mini Blender Sponge : Review

7 Jun

The original beauty blender took the industry by the storm with is brilliant performance and efficacy. Makeup gurus swear by it and why not after all the end result achieved by it is mind blowing. But certainly it is on the pricier side and we being human are always in a search of budget options , aren’t we? PAC Cosmetics beauty blenders are quite a competition to the original beauty blender and no kidding it is worth all the hype.. Know why…?? blum


Pac cosmetics Beauty Blenders (more…)

Six Shopping RULES to swear by!!

4 Jun

Shopping RULES to swear by


The world is evolving; blame it on the fast changing technology and advancements made in every field known to mankind. Just the other day I came across a website (online shopping for girls) selling all sorts of apparels and shoes, the new thing on the site was that you were supposed to fill in a questionnaire kind of thing before registering yourself as a free member. After doing that, the brand asked you to upload your latest pic in which you are standing, so as to see your body type. The curiosity got the better of me so I quickly kept filling whatever was required, excited to see what was going to happen after that. The sites of Online shopping for girls keep coming up with all sorts of gimmicks to grab the customer’s attention so I was a bit apprehensive at first, but decided to go with my gut feeling here. After the initialization process (that took some minutes) I was a member, then they asked me what kind of apparel I wanted to purchase, I quickly typed summer dresses, then it went into the buffering mode AGAIN.


Asian Paints celebrates ‘World Interiors Day’

1 Jun

Asian Paints 1


All of us have some sort of ideas to decorate our Dream House, some want a pool outside , some want it full of greenery and some want it to look modern. In short, everybody has a plan for how they want their home to look like and interior is something that definitely needs a good planning. Asian paints celebrated ‘World Interiors Day’ with a unique movies-inspired workshop on interiors for consumers on 27th May,2016 at The Color Store in CP which was set up to educate the consumers and interior décor enthusiasts on colours and designs and how it can change their space.


Summer Fashion 2016

30 May

summer fashion 2016

Summers are all about experimenting with new style by striking a balance between cool yet comfortable and trendy yet airy outfits. It can get a little tricky sometimes but I am here to share some summer styles that look modish and make you stick out in the crowd.


RIMMEL LONDON Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick – Bordeaux : Review , Swatch

27 May

Hello Beauties.. How are you doing? I am sorry for not being active since last week but my exam kept me a little occupied. Leave that aside.. Today I wanted to share my new found love with you and that is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick in the shade Bordeaux which is a perfect option for the sassy and edgy girls out there who do not fear to experiment at all.

Price : $6.99

Quantity : 4g


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